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The countdown to victory has begun. Become a Legion Member and join us on our mission to become the catalysts of powerful change in Idaho's Liquor Laws. 

Join us as a member of the Spacebar Legion of Cygnus in our mission to defeat the oppressive authority. Even a small donation to the cause will help us fight another day and defeat the system that holds us back. Your contribution is an investment in a movement to see that Spacebar, our crew, and you can continue to combat injustice and bring equal opportunity for all. To aid in the repealing of an archaic system, bringing forth comprehensive reform that is beneficial for all Idahoans and championing the idea that once the mission has been accomplished, all can enjoy either by creating or consuming.


As "lifers” in the service industry and native Idahoans, Spacebar owners, Zack Rowland and Will Hay believe that all citizens should have fair and equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. In the business it is commonly known that "spirits" or liquor are the difference between making or breaking it.
As an independent business they wanted to have the availability to offer a service they saw their competitors being able to sell and capitalize on. They exhausted all means available to obtain a license for their business and all resulted in defeat, with the barrier to entry too high. They knew that they couldn't be the only ones in the state who were affected by this and set out to make the necessary changes in Idaho's unjust liquor laws.



We have, for 2 years now, been working with the Idaho legislature to reform Idaho's liquor license laws. We were successful in our first operation, helping to bring S1120 to life and stopping the transfers of liquor licenses in the state. We have brought forth comprehensive legislation to continue the effort to lift the quota and allow equal opportunity to small businesses entrepreneurs in our line of work. We want to continue to lobby and work for our fellow Idahoans to make our industry robust, prosperous and available to anyone who is qualified and seeks to pursue it.

By joining the Legion and supporting Spacebar, we will continue to push forth the agenda of changing Idaho's service industry laws and codes to make them fair for all. To make sure that the hospitality business is streamlined, free of unnecessary hurdles and to continue to make it safe and robust for industry workers and consumers alike.



We have created  legislation that will benefit all of Idaho. When put into effect, it will relieve pressure and create freedom for Idaho's service industry small business owners. The results will be that the consumer will be rewarded with new and creative options and there will be prosperity for entrepreneurs and government alike. Below we have outlined the problems of and solutions to Idaho's current quota system issues. We have also added a link to the draft of the legislation we would like to present. We need your help to get it heard by Idaho's law makers.

Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 10.48.38 PM.png


This is where we find ourselves: Without a license, wanting to continue to serve our guests with the service that is legal in all 50 states to sell (the state sells it) one that they have come to expect from us, and one that other business can participate in selling.

We are so thankful for all the support we have and continue to receive from our community and beyond. We want to continue to fight for what's right for a better Idaho. Your investment will allow us to do that.


We are forever grateful for your support.



-The Spacebar Crew


State Affairs Committee Chairman:

Senator Jim Guthrie 


​Idaho State Governor:

Governor Brad Little


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